Business ally issues overdue warning to White House

The Business Roundtable
, a longtime Obama Administration ally, finally announced today what many voters have known for months: President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are creating an “increasingly hostile environment for investment and job creation” that will “harm our ability…to grow private-sector jobs in the US.” 
This wouldn’t be surprising, ordinarily, but the Roundtable has been considered the Obama administration’s liaison to the private sector. Finally, it seems, even people who at first were supportive of “stimulus” spending and the nationalization of our health care are realizing that we need the federal government to get out of the private sector’s way, and to trust the American people to make choices for themselves. Our Founders knew that no government could do what the people could do when given the freedom to work, to create, and to shape their own future.

Listen to Nan in her own words:


2 Responses to Business ally issues overdue warning to White House

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