End of Quarter 30/30 VISION DRIVE!


Nan Hayworth 30/30 Vision Drive(Note: This post is bumped to the top of the blog until after our 30/30 Vision Drive ends on June 30. Scroll down for our newest blog posts!)

Our blog’s been telling the story every day:  this Congress and Administration are working as hard as they can to consolidate the government’s dominance over our lives, and over the free market that throughout America’s extraordinary history has lifted more millions from poverty to prosperity than in any other country in history.  Why is our government doing this?  Because Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama are convinced that they know better than you do.  And John Hall’s voted with them time and time again., voting with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ party line 98% of the time.  He’s voted with them for every spending program to expand a bloated federal government that commands ever more of your hard-earned dollars, and is smothering our local economy and withering the market for jobs and opportunity.  John Hall doesn’t trust you to know how to work, save, spend, and invest right here at home, to grow the economy and jobs in our own communities.

Well, I do trust you, and I trust the wisdom of the Founders who gave us such precious and empowering freedoms in our Constitution.  And I need you to join me in this campaign to renew America’s promise.  To renew our faith in the Constitution that wisely limited the powers of the government.  To renew our economy and create jobs by relieving our citizens of confiscatory taxation and enterprise-strangling regulation.  My simple mission is to let you keep more of what you work so hard to earn, so that you can spend and invest and renew the economy right here at home, and renew the opportunities that our friends and neighbors here so urgently need.

Please join our 30/30 Vision Drive by contributing $30 or more before June 30, and help ensure that our campaign to renew a future of opportunity in District 19, and in our nation, has the fuel it needs to power us over the summer towards Election Day.  And, after you contribute what you can spare, please tell 10 friends (or 30 friends!) to do the same.  Onward together, and thank you!


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