Sunday in the Park with friends old and new!


Nan Hayworth speaks
Nan rouses the crowd

Edward Ryan’s Memorial Park in Kent was full of Nan Hayworth supporters Sunday at a barbecue event, with good food, good entertainment, and good company.  Kudos to Corrinne and Joe DiVestea for brilliantly managing the logistics and for doing the huge amount of legwork to set everything up; to master chefs Lou Tartaro, Lana Cappelli, Karl Rohde, and Jack Hufnagel for manning the hot grills; and to the Young Voters and our other volunteers for covering the tables.  The sausage and peppers, burgers, hot dogs, and Caesar salad, among other dishes and an array of desserts, were a terrific lunch for more than 80 guests (including one surprise guest!).

Stephen P. Driscoll Memorial Pipe Band

Driscoll bagpipers in procession

Our friend Kevin Byrne led the Stephen P. Driscoll Memorial Pipe Band, who played military anthems and “Amazing Grace” in full Highland dress.  Nan gave a rousing pep talk, making a solid case once again for Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R-NY), after which she introduced a special entertainer:  illusionist Steve Johnson performed magic and escape-artistry for the crowd with the assistance of the kids in attendance.  Steve’s skills in sleight-of-hand and misdirection would have made even our current Congressman marvel, though Steve apologized early on that he’d have to leave it to Nan and the voters of the Hudson Valley to “make John Hall disappear” from Congress.

Campaign Manager John Hicks with Hall video stalker Nate

CM John Hicks with Hall-camp stalker Nate

Also among the festive crowd was our friend Nate, one of the Hall campaign’s teenage video stalkers from the Hopewell Junction gathering last week.  He was a good sport, wearing a Nan Hayworth sticker on his chest while shadowing Nan with his videocam, and stopping for a photo with campaign manager John Hicks.  He slipped away early in a very snazzy-looking BMW.  Next time stay for lunch, Nate – eventually we’re going to win you over to our side!


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