Will Joe face change in ’11? You bet your…(!!)

This is the mindset we’re up against:  it’s gotten to the point where the Democrats in Congress and the Administration are so hair-trigger defensive about regular people having the nerve to object to high taxes, even a good-natured jibe by a small business manager gets cranky backtalk from an official visiting as his guest.
Vice President Joe Biden (who stopped by the 19th District not long ago to try to throw John Hall a lifeline) made a stop at a Milwaukee frozen-custard shop for a no-really-I’m-just-a-regular-guy photo op yesterday.  The manager received him warmly, and treated the Vice President to some frozen custard for himself.  Mr. Biden asked the gentleman what he owed him for the treat, and the manager told him it was on the house, adding with a smile, “Just lower our taxes, and we’ll call it even.”
As the manager recalled later to reporters, the VP “didn’t seem happy,” turning around and stalking away.  A few minutes later, during a subsequent conversation, Biden offered a suggestion: “Why don’t you say something nice, instead of being a smart*ss all the time?”

Leave it to Joe Biden’s mind to go there first.  No, it couldn’t have been a harmless joke from someone who just gave him free frozen custard; it must have been a political cheap shot, in return for which he is entitled to “something nice.”  It hardly need be said that the manager’s offer was one that just about every working person in the United States would echo if they had the Vice President’s ear.

Sadly, Mr. Biden’s history and personality tell us that such calls would likely be futile, so we’ll just have to get our message across on November 2 when we retake the Congress.  You can bet on it!

UPDATE:  FoxNews.com interviews the shop manager, Scott Borkin, who says he was “thrown” by Biden’s crack.  “It was kind of shocking to hear that come out of his mouth.”


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