Young Voters out in force!


Nan Hayworth with the Young Voters in Beacon

Nan (at left, next to sign), with a group from the Young Voters

At 5:30 a.m., while most students on summer break were soundly snoozing, our group of Young Voters hit the streets to introduce their candidate to the citizens of Beacon. Armed with stacks of campaign literature, pens and stickers, these volunteers, together with Nan, greeted hundreds of bleary-eyed folks on their way to work.

Young Voters meeting commuters


The Young Voters were pleasantly surprised at the warmth of their reception by the Beacon commuters, who were smiling and full of questions despite the early morning hour.  “Who is Nan Hayworth?”  “Why is she running?”  “What’s her party affiliation?”  We were eager and happy, along with Nan, to answer these questions and more.

“Nan’s a doctor, a mother, and a businesswoman.”  “My mission is to help you keep more of what you earn, and I’d appreciate your vote in November.”  (To which the response was often, “I’ll vote for you!”)  “I’ve received Republican, Conservative, and Independence endorsements.”

Nan shakes hands with a Beacon straphanger.


These exchanges, though brief, struck a chord. People of different generations, backgrounds, and party affiliations made a bond with our campaign and with Nan. This was why (along with the much-appreciated coffee and donuts after our hours of shaking hands and passing our brochures were done) the Young Voters showed up at sunrise at the Beacon train station to begin with: our district and our nation are in desperate need of renewal, and the time is ripe to restore what has made America great and will make it great again.


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