Thanks, everyone, and onward!

Great news!

The numbers are in, and you, our supporters, have raised enough funds this past quarter to counter the massive Washington money machine trying to keep John Hall afloat!  We are competing very successfully with the Pelosi “Incumbent Protection Program,” and our cash-on-hand advantage over Mr. Hall has grown for the third consecutive quarter.

Hard to believe, but this summer we enter the home stretch.  Three and a half months from now we will see a challenger become a champion, but we can’t get there without your continued support and enthusiasm – and we need you to get your friends, neighbors, and colleagues involved too.  We’re spending every day going around the District to meet people and talk about their concerns; can you help her to meet the people in your neighborhood, or your co-workers?  Can you write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper?  Would you put a yard sign on your lawn?  Please visit our website to find out how you can help our campaign to win for the cause of freedom and prosperity, and thank you again!


One Response to Thanks, everyone, and onward!

  1. Hank Freeman says:

    I am a longtime Mount Kisco resident who is absolutely disgusted with the leadership of our President and the liberal Congress.

    Based on reading your website, I am thrilled by the prospect of a strong challenger to John Hall and I intend to spend some of my time and energy to get you elected.

    I politely suggest that you to spend a bit of your funds sooner rather than later to establish some name recognition. I suspect that few are even aware of your candidacy.

    VERY Best wishes, Hank

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