Two ballot lines, and important backing!

Ballot Rows C and D are officially spoken for, and business leaders who are key to the 19th District’s economic recovery are throwing their support behind Nan!

The petitions are in, and both the Independence and Conservative Parties have awarded Nan the space on their respective ballot rows in the general election in the fall!  While both are crucial to our mission to win back the 19th District, the Independence Party line is especially significant:  two years ago that ballot line went to John Hall, along with approximately 16,000 voters who pulled that row’s lever.

In other news, Nan also gained the backing of important local and national business leaders.  Gregory S. Casey of the Business-Industry Political Action Committee endorsed Nan, saying, “We have no doubt you be a strong voice for economic prosperity in the 112th Congress.”  Also, Alan Seidman of the Construction Contractors Association of the Hudson Valley and James Petro, Jr., of the Orange County Industrial Development Agency held a fundraiser Sunday where they issued their formal endorsement of Nan’s candidacy.  “This lady is so smart, so intelligent, and such a ball of fire that I thought it would be the right thing to do to come out and support Nan,” said Mr. Seidman.

Our thanks go out to everyone involved for their support!  Read our press releases on winning the ballot lines and the backing of the District’s business community for further details.


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