“Cynicism” and “poor judgment”

The following is a press release from the Hayworth campaign, dated and distributed 11 Aug 2010.

Dr. Nan Hayworth’s statement regarding Congressman John Hall’s vote yesterday for the $26B bailout bill:

“I deplore the cynicism of Nancy Pelosi and the poor judgment of the members of Congress, including John Hall, who voted her way.  This bill is financed in part by raising taxes – just at the time when we need to grow, not penalize, our business base so that we can actually employ more people and truly solve our economic problems. This bill uses taxes to pay for the mistakes of state governments that are not responsible enough to manage their own spending properly.  This isn’t a matter of saving teacher jobs; it’s a matter of growing the American economy so that we can truly afford to pay our teachers and all the other people we rely on.  To portray those who insist that state governments set and follow budgets as not caring about education is blatantly manipulative.

“Our deteriorating employment figures make it very clear that ‘bailout’ spending doesn’t save jobs; it costs jobs.  Nancy Pelosi and John Hall are acting against the best interests of the American people for political gain.”

Additional background:

Yesterday, John Hall was one of 245 Democrats and 2 Republicans to vote for a motion to concur with the Senate Amendment to the House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to HR 1586.  Three Democrats and 158 Republicans voted against the Amendment to HR 1586. Seven Democrats and 18 Republicans did not vote on the Amendment.

Douglas Cunningham, communications director
c: 845.522.6144, doug@nanhayworth.com
Personal interviews, including radio actualities, can be arranged rapidly through Cunningham.

See other press releases at the Media page at NanHayworth.com.


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