Young Guns; new digs!


Nan Hayworth addresses supporters at the campaign's new HQ

Nan addresses the crowd

On the same day that the Hayworth campaign held an open house to celebrate the grand opening of our new Carmel headquarters, the NRCC announced that Nan and the campaign have been upgraded to full “Young Guns” status in their program of the same name, marking ours as one of the top-tier Republican challenger races in the entire country and among the most promising prospects nationwide to flip a Democrat-held House seat to the GOP!

Nan is now the third Young Gun (along with Richard Hanna and Tom Reed in NY-24 and NY-29, respectively) in New York State, a state so solidly blue it currently has only two GOP House members in nearly 30 seats.  The Cook Political Report identifies these three and at least three other currently Democrat-held seats in New York as within reach for Republicans, indicating a groundswell among voters unlike anything seen in our state in years.

The NRCC’s endorsement was one of several topics addressed by Nan at the open house in Carmel, where a crowd of citizens and volunteers packed the new office space to show their support.  Members of the Young Voters and Be Heard (a young voters’ PAC to support GOP candidates, which has endorsed Nan) were there.  They were joined by members of the district’s veterans’ community, grassroots organizations, elected officials, and others who simply dropped in to wish us well and to sign up to volunteer.

Nan with staff and volunteers

Nan smiles with staff and volunteers

Nan stepped up to the podium to speak about the campaign’s newly achieved Young Gun status, the momentum we’ve built, and the challenges ahead.  She also discussed her recent proposal that Congress suspend the new health care law until unemployment drops back below 5%.  Nan emphasized that the combined efforts of all of our friends, volunteers, and donors would be crucially important throughout the 12 weeks until Election Day.  She also acknowledged our guests John and Julia, the video stalkers for the day from the Hall campaign, who were also featured in streaming web video by the Young Voters.  Toward the end of Nan’s remarks, veteran and supporter Gil Kaufman stepped forward with a sheaf of papers for Nan detailing the backstory of the VA Medical Center in Montrose, the property of which is being targeted for purchase by developers.  Mr. Kaufman said that calls to John Hall’s office to support a one-year moratorium on the development plan have been ignored.

The next phase of the campaign thus begins with a new setting, new momentum, new supporters and backers, and fresh determination to see the race through to victory in November.  Our thanks to everyone who showed up, and to all who wrote, phoned, and emailed their encouragement.  Onward together!


One Response to Young Guns; new digs!

  1. Chris Little says:

    Nan”nie” get your gun!

    Congratulations, Nan! The new headquarters look great and, WOW, Nationally ranked Young Gun!Straight shootin’ hits the mark every time!

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