Mr. Hall, show some common sense

The following is a press release from the Hayworth campaign, dated and distributed 12 Aug 2010.

Dr. Nan Hayworth’s statement regarding Congressman John Hall’s $1,000 donation to Rep. Charles Rangel’s birthday-bash fundraiser:

Congressional candidate Nan Hayworth today described John Hall’s support of Charles Rangel’s re-election bid as showing “a lack of respect for hard-working Americans who need tax relief and jobs.”

“Mr. Hall has made a substantial contribution to a politician whose arrogance has helped lead us to the fiscal crisis we now face. With his $1,000 donation to Mr. Rangel’s birthday-bash fundraiser, John Hall is supporting the re-election bid of a man who has proven unfit to hold office, a man whose career in politics has cost us dearly,” Hayworth said. “Charles Rangel has exempted himself from the burdens that he has so heavily placed on America’s beleaguered taxpayers; his hypocrisy and cynicism are breathtaking.”

Hayworth maintains that John Hall’s support for Mr. Rangel “is consistent with the votes that Mr. Hall has made time and time again to tax American workers and investors to the breaking point,” adding that Hall has helped to grow a federal government “that is smothering the free enterprise essential to creating desperately-needed jobs.”

Hayworth urged Hall to “have the common sense, and sympathy for your constituents, to call on Charles Rangel to end his career in Congress.”

Douglas Cunningham, communications director

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