More of the same is not what we need

The following is a statement from Nan Hayworth on the unveiling of President Obama’s new $50 billion stimulus package.

Sept. 7, 2010, Carmel

Congressional contender Dr. Nan Hayworth said today that President Obama’s proposal for another $50 billion in stimulus spending not only is unlikely to jump-start the economy, but is precisely the opposite of what should be done.  The Republican-endorsed candidate’s view is that businesses will hire again once they can be certain they won’t be burdened by vast new taxes and costs, such as those the
health care reform law is already imposing.

“This newest ‘stimulus’ package is another example of the failed spending policies of President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — spending for which John Hall has voted again and again,” Hayworth said. “Jobless stimulus has already taken nearly a trillion dollars from the American taxpayer, and it has failed miserably. Despite assurances to the contrary from Nancy Pelosi and this administration, the unemployment rate remains at 9.6 percent and GDP growth has been anemic at best. Repeating the ‘stimulus’ mistake will not make things better.”

Hayworth called on John Hall and President Obama to commit to extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, which would provide genuine relief to businesses and employers whose investment and growth would spur economic recovery:

“In a time of economic downturn, Congress should do all it can to foster private sector growth, not threaten still greater federal domination of what should be the greatest free market in the world. That means we must stop the damaging ‘stimulus’ spending, and we must reduce taxes.”

Hayworth has also proposed immediate suspension of the health care law, which will further reassure employers that they will not be penalized for hiring. Hayworth contends that the law must be replaced with workable solutions that won’t bankrupt the country.

More info:
Douglas Cunningham, communications director


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