About Nan

I have spent most of my career restoring vision. Now, I’d like to do the same in Congress as the representative for New York’s 19th Congressional District.

I am an ophthalmologist by training, but I am also a lifelong Republican and fiscal conservative. I believe that federal spending should be reduced and taxes cut. I advocate repeal and replacement of the health care law passed this spring, to put in place solutions that won’t bankrupt the nation and will preserve the choices Americans expect. I strongly support the entire Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment. I oppose the gargantuan deficits that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and John Hall are burdening our children with, and will fight to roll back our spending and debt.

Finally, I believe that jobs is the central issue we face. Our economy is broken and John Hall helped break it. We must take immediate steps to get our economy moving again. Confiscating more money through taxes for government programs simply diverts it away from the hiring and investment needed to help restore economic stability and ultimately, growth.

I was raised in Munster, Indiana, by two veterans of World War II. My mother immigrated to the United States from England in 1948. She chose to become an American because of the unique opportunities and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. It is my parents’ patriotism that inspired my own love of country.

I met my husband, Scott, at Princeton, and after marrying in 1981 we went through Cornell University Medical College together. We moved to Mount Kisco in 1988, and in 1989 I started my own small business, a solo practice in ophthalmology. In 1996 I became a partner at the Mount Kisco Medical Group, retiring from full-time practice in 2005 to spend more time my sons Will and Jack. Both boys attended Bedford Central public schools. In 2007, I was recruited for a position as a vice president in Medical and Scientific Affairs at a large communications company in New York City.

With my knowledge of medicine and business, I observed the Congress led by Nancy Pelosi and in 2009 became determined to apply my experience, and my conviction that our Constitutional freedoms must be defended and promoted, to the crucial job of returning power to Americans burdened by an overwhelming federal government.


3 Responses to About Nan

  1. Tom McGann says:

    Excellent Nan!

    I live in Orange County-but if I lived in Northern Westchester I would certainly vote for you!!

  2. gary good says:

    Hi Mrs.Hayworth
    I watched you on Hannity Oct 15th 2010 and must say that you looked fabulous in the Red business dress suit. Goodluck with your senate race, make a difference in Washington. Politicians are so out of touch with main st. America.:)

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