Signs of denial

July 16, 2010

Let’s say you love jelly beans (who doesn’t?), so you use your life savings to open The Bean Counter.  Unfortunately, most of your prospective customers think you’re offering accounting services rather than candy, and the rest are worried about getting cavities, so after a couple of months you have to close up shop; your whole venture down the drain.  Now, what do you do to pick up the pieces?  Well, if you follow the lead of the current Administration, you borrow some more money to pay for an ad campaign to trumpet the success of The Bean Counter!


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Will Joe face change in ’11? You bet your…(!!)

June 28, 2010

This is the mindset we’re up against:  it’s gotten to the point where the Democrats in Congress and the Administration are so hair-trigger defensive about regular people having the nerve to object to high taxes, even a good-natured jibe by a small business manager gets cranky backtalk from an official visiting as his guest.
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