More of the same is not what we need

September 10, 2010

The following is a statement from Nan Hayworth on the unveiling of President Obama’s new $50 billion stimulus package.

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Bad medicine

August 20, 2010

In December, 1799, President George Washington contracted a severe throat infection.  His doctors–distinguished experts all–treated him with calomel, to induce vomiting, and bloodletting.  When their patient’s condition deteriorated, they treated even more vigorously, giving more calomel and taking more blood in the hopes that this time they’d succeed.

George Washington died of dehydration, blood loss, and choking from the uncontrolled infection.  His very well-meaning physicians had actually hastened his death.

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Signs of denial

July 16, 2010

Let’s say you love jelly beans (who doesn’t?), so you use your life savings to open The Bean Counter.  Unfortunately, most of your prospective customers think you’re offering accounting services rather than candy, and the rest are worried about getting cavities, so after a couple of months you have to close up shop; your whole venture down the drain.  Now, what do you do to pick up the pieces?  Well, if you follow the lead of the current Administration, you borrow some more money to pay for an ad campaign to trumpet the success of The Bean Counter!


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Message to Congress: You stink at creating jobs, too

July 2, 2010

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its June unemployment figures:  the jobless rate fell from 9.7% to 9.5% for the month of June.  Good news, right?  Well, no.  Joblessness went down because 652,000 people simply gave up looking for work, and thus weren’t counted in the labor pool.  If these people were still among those still actively job-searching, the unemployment rate would have shot up to 10.1%.

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Message to Congress: You stink at selling houses

June 24, 2010
The U.S. Commerce Department released the following statistic this week: new-home sales plummeted by a staggering 33% during the month of May, resulting in the slowest new-home market in 46 years.  Why did the housing market vanish?  Why else:  an attempt by the government to manipulate the private sector, and to create a veneer of prosperity.  The worst part?  President Obama, John Hall, and other Democrats ignored an object lesson from less than a year ago in why this was bound to happen.
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Business ally issues overdue warning to White House

June 23, 2010

The Business Roundtable
, a longtime Obama Administration ally, finally announced today what many voters have known for months: President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are creating an “increasingly hostile environment for investment and job creation” that will “harm our ability…to grow private-sector jobs in the US.” 
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