Nan’s July 4th schedule

July 3, 2010

The Nan Hayworth campaign aims to see as many of you as possible across District 19 this July 4th weekend.

Saturday began with The Great American Weekend in Goshen, truly an institution, then continued to the Woodbury Firecracker Festival and the Pound Ridge fireworks in the evening. (see contemporary reports, and twitpics, from our live feed,

Here’s the schedule for July 4th, Sunday:

  • 8am-10am Peekskill Flea Market, Peekskill,  Westchester County
  • 10:30-12pm Independence Day celebration, Cornwall, Orange County. Meet at the St Thomas of Canterbury Church, 336 Hudson St, Cornwall-on-Hudson.
  • 1-2pm Annual Reading of Declaration of Independence,  at the Fishkill Village Hall, 1095 Main St.,  Fishkill, Dutchess County
  • 2:30-6pm Cold Spring Annual Festival, Cold Spring, Putnam County
  • 7-10pm Lake Carmel Fireworks Display, Lake Carmel, Putnam County

Hall strikes out

June 21, 2010

Summer officially starts today, which means baseball season is now in high gear.  As a Yankee fan myself, I love watching Teixeira or Granderson send one sailing over the fence (as both did last Saturday night, I’m happy to say!). Sadly, however, even the Yankees’ best occasionally fall to that third strike. Disappointing, but not the end of the world.  You shake it off and move on to the next batter.

Governance, on the other hand, is a little more exacting.

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Leadership, Rep. Hall, not pettiness

June 19, 2010

It is hardly in dispute that this Administration has consistently fallen well short of the transparency and accountability it promised at its inception.  Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) is right to be skeptical regarding the Administration’s methods and intentions in its recent approach to BP, strong words like “shakedown” notwithstanding. Nothing in his statement implies any exoneration of BP from paying the full cost of the damage it has done.  The hysteria that has greeted the statement is unseemly at best, distracting and counterproductive at worst; Rep. Hall should know better.

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There’s No Debating Us (never mind the trackers)!

June 18, 2010

June 15 was a beautiful day in Hopewell Junction. It was a pleasure to hold a small event there with Nan (many thanks to our hosts and friends at the Joe DiMaggio American Legion Lounge 2248). And what a surprise to find not one, but two video stalkers joining us at the behest of John Hall’s campaign! 

John Hall vs. the Constitution

June 17, 2010

On Tuesday the House voted on whether to attach to a small business jobs bill an amendment that would have repealed the wholly unconstitutional “individual mandate” portion of the Democrats’ health care law.  The individual mandate, in short, legally forces every American to buy health insurance from private companies, under threat of a government fine.

Aside from the harmful effects such a measure will have on small businesses, employer-based health insurance, and the economy as a whole, the individual mandate is fundamentally unconstitutional, for two reasons.

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New Video: “Daisy Grows Up”

June 16, 2010

(Courtesy of Young Voters for Nan Hayworth.)

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson’s Presidential campaign released “Daisy”, an ad that was so striking in its evocation of Americans’ fears of Cold-War annihilation that it only ran once.  That one time was enough, though, to secure its place in our cultural memory.  And, thanks to a combination of factors over the ensuing decades, the eventuality described in “Daisy” did not come to pass.

That does not mean, however, that Americans are now free of any fears about our country’s future security and prosperity.  In fact, as Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana noted in a remarkable speech yesterday in Washington, our enormous and mounting debt means that “the American experience is mortally threatened.”

And the outcome this time may not be so reassuring.  If our Congress and Administration do not stop making politically convenient but fiscally disastrous decisions, we will, in no uncertain terms, squander our children’s future.  President Reagan said, echoing Churchill: “there are simple answers, they just are not easy ones.”  Fiscal discipline is the simple (and only) answer, and we are going to have some very difficult choices to make, but our candidate, Nan, has the intelligence and the integrity to make them.  

The Young Voters have adapted “Daisy” for 2010 to make clear what will happen if we ignore that imperative:

Feel free to browse other videos from Young Voters, as well as from Nan herself, on the Hayworth campaign’s YouTube channel.

Young Voters take to the trains!

June 16, 2010

All aboard the 19th District Express!

Young Voters can help put Nan Hayworth over the top in the 19th!

At the Mount Kisco train station at 6:30 this morning, the Young Voters for Nan Hayworth task force met scores of commuters on their way to work. We began greeting commuters by the entrance of the Metro-North Mount Kisco train station. Many were eager to engage in discussions of who Nan is and why she is running to unseat John Hall. Some even proclaimed that “Nan already has my vote.” And the Nan Hayworth pens were a big hit.

In addition to the pens, we distributed information about Nan, such as her principles, the solutions she proposes for our nation’s problems, and her biography.

The Young Voters for Nan Hayworth are committed to informing the district about our wonderful candidate. We will be at a different train station every week, bright and early, right until Election Day on November 2, letting people know who we are, and why we are doing what we are doing.

Nan’s planning to join us personally whenever she can to greet the commuters and answer any questions that they may have.

Overall, the commuters at the Mount Kisco train station, which is Nan’s hometown station, greeted us graciously with open attitudes, even those who were sprinting up the stairs to make the departing train. Our next stop will be the Beacon train station, so please, take a moment to at least grab a pen and something to read for the train ride!