Repeal, Replace…Referendum?

August 4, 2010

The state of Missouri is famous as a political “bellwether” state, both in projecting presidential winners and in gauging public sentiment on divisive issues.  That trend may be continuing in the latest vote on a key aspect of the Democrats’ new health care law:  71.1% of the people of Missouri just approved a ballot proposition to bar the law’s “individual mandate” provision from taking effect in their state.

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A tax, except when it isn’t

July 20, 2010

Remember how President Obama swore up and down that a government mandate on individuals to buy health insurance they may or may not even want, under penalty of a hefty sum payable to the IRS, wasn’t a tax?  He was so stubborn on that talking point that even George Stephanopoulos, armed with Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, couldn’t budge him on what constituted a tax.

Amazing what a lawsuit brought by 20-plus states will do for one’s perspective.

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Top five things you didn’t know about the health care law

July 9, 2010

Statistically speaking, if your representative in Congress is a Democrat, the odds are you know more about the deceptively named Affordable Care Act (ACA) than your Congressman, given how few of them are known to have bothered to read the thing before falling over themselves to vote for it.  Be that as it may, since John Hall is making a day-long show Friday morning and afternoon of recounting the new law’s purported benefits to the District’s businessmen (and its citizens on the same topic at a public forum at Cortlandt’s Hudson Valley Hospital Center at 3:00pm),, we’ve compiled five important facts about the Obama/Pelosi health care law for you to review before Rep. Hall arrives.

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John Hall vs. the Constitution

June 17, 2010

On Tuesday the House voted on whether to attach to a small business jobs bill an amendment that would have repealed the wholly unconstitutional “individual mandate” portion of the Democrats’ health care law.  The individual mandate, in short, legally forces every American to buy health insurance from private companies, under threat of a government fine.

Aside from the harmful effects such a measure will have on small businesses, employer-based health insurance, and the economy as a whole, the individual mandate is fundamentally unconstitutional, for two reasons.

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