Independence Day weekend, Part I

(Follow the events of our Independence Day weekend with us here on the blog, and also via Twitpics on our Twitter feed and in our Facebook photo albums!  Part II will be up soon.  Happy Independence Day!)

Nan at the Great American Weekend

Nan at the fair in Goshen

We started our holiday weekend in Goshen taking part in a longtime institution in Orange County, the “Great American Weekend” street fair. The Orange County Republican Committee set up a tent near the Presbyterian Church, and the enthusiasm we saw for our candidates was very heartwarming. We met and talked with fairgoers for hours, lots of people put their signatures to petitions, and the Young Voters even boosted their numbers when a few volunteers expressed an interest in helping out! All in all, a great success, and a memorable morning and early afternoon.

The County Democrats had set up shop just down the driveway from us, and we found out from them that John Hall was expected to make an appearance at the Great American Weekend at about noon! We were all ready to say hello, exchange views, and possibly reissue our debate proposal (still no answer, by the way). We were very disappointed to find out a half hour or so before his scheduled arrival that Rep. Hall had had second thoughts at some point and decided against showing up. Maybe next time.

Nan and Young Voters at Woodbury

Nan & Young Voters at Woodbury

Next stop was Woodbury for the Firecracker Festival, a Fourth of July-themed car show and fair held at the local middle school. Classic cars and great food were in abundance. We met Mayor Michael Queenan, who introduced us to a number of local small businesspeople. Special Projects Coordinator Jesse Dwyer developed an impressive sunburn, but everyone marveled at the fine weather regardless: a quintessentially American day, indeed.

Nan at Pound Ridge

Nan at Pound Ridge

We ended off the day chatting at a packed parkground at Pound Ridge’s Town Park, where the town holds its famous Independence Day fireworks display.  Nearly every square inch of the lawn was covered with blankets, lawn chairs, food tables, and of course people enjoying them all.  (Among them we had the pleasure of seeing our friend John Sauro of the Northern Westchester Tea Party Patriots.)  A deejay and sound crew had set up a gigantic sound system with music playing, and the Boy Scouts had set up a large (and very busy!) burger stand by the backstop at the far end of the field.  As the sun went down, the pyrotechnics began, and did not disappoint. Spectacular, and a thrilling and fitting end to a day surrounded by proud patriots.


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